Branding Outsourcing

The Private Lable market has been growing in Brazil since 1990, in 2011 had an increase of 21.0% in figures and 16.0% in volume (given the Brazilian private label association). Based on this scenario, Pet Clean (Orba Química) specialized in outsourcing and implemented a successful project in its line of products, where we manufacture products exclusive to the line of hygiene and animal beautification with the brand of our customers. This project was introduced in the company for more than 15 years, which together with our national and international clients has been improved and perfected every year.

The project is made by administrators, chemists and veterinarians in a personalized way for each client, being unique and innovative. Included in this project are: Strategic planning, exclusive development, improvement projects, market launches, and more at zero cost!


  • Personalized service;
  • Training with sales staff;
  • Indication of the graph;
  • Indication of transport.


  • Existing brand analysis;
  • Registration of the mark on ipi (in Brazil);
  • Confidentiality of the formulas.


  • Brand creation;
  • Creation of the visual identity;
  • Creation of labels;
  • Line development;
  • Development of own packaging;


  • Exclusive formulation;
  • Exclusive Fragrance;
  • Product with the client’s profile and target audience;
  • Registration of the product in the MAPA (only for Brazil).


  • Specific quality control
  • Exclusive packaging of the brand
  • Formula and manufacturing process exclusive and confidential;
  • Dependent container rooms.

Success Story

Created brands
Business fulfilled
Developed formulas

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